Friday, July 19, I attended a board meeting for a charity that helps people in Nigeria. I am one of six board members.  As listened to the priest who does the actual work of helping people there, his accounts of the people and the help they needed reinforced how truly blessed I am.  Yes, I have MS, but I have this disease in a country with many resources available to me.  Nigerians aren’t as lucky.  Can you imagine being in a country where medical treatment is truly reserved for the rich?   You could not receive the drugs that suppressing the exacerbations or you have no access to canes, walkers or wheelchairs.  You have no relief from the heat or protection from the rain.  You may only be able to eat every other day. There are no government programs to help you…just imagine how horrific it would be to have MS in a third world country.

When I think about the people of Nigeria, especially the sick and consider their struggle versus my struggles with MS, there is no comparison. I am truly blessed!  No, it’s not easy to lose control and function of my body—it really sucks.  But I remember it could be worse.  And as I make this journey through life with MS, I remember there are others in much worse condition than I.  Every day I strive to do my best at living that day and give thanks for the blessings of living in America.

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